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Top 6 Places To Visit In Gatineau

Gatineau is a French-speaking city in Ottawa, Canada. It was known as Hull before. It was the place for the First Nations people until the Europeans started to settle here. French explorers came here in 1613 and 1615 in search of furs. In 1800, Philemon Wright, an American started farming here and founded a colony. He named it Hull, which was the birthplace of his parents. Gatineau is a beautiful city and there are many interesting places to visit here.

Canadian Museum of History

This museum stands on the Gatineau Riverbank. It is situated opposite to the Parliament building of Ottawa. You will get to see over a million artifacts. In this museum, you can explore the country’s history and cultural diversity. There is a seven-story IMAX screen where you can see great films. It’s a must visit place in Gatineau.

The Canadian Children’s Museum is also located here. The children will be able to discover lots of things about the world. There are interactive activities that will be a good learning journey for the children.

It is not only a museum but a research center as well. The staffs of the museum are experts in history, archaeology, etc. It is also the oldest cultural institutions in North America.

Gatineau Park

It is a lakeland and hilly woodland district. You can do lots of outdoor activities like camping, walking, jogging, cycling, skiing, etc. You can have a nice walk along the footpaths. You will see Lusk Cave, Mackenzie King Estate, and other attractions too. The Mackenzie King Estate is the country estate of the longest serving Prime Minister of Canada. You can look around and see the things being used in those days.

Gatineau Hills

The hills lie in the foothills of Laurentian Mountains. This place is very popular for skiing. There are more than 190 kilometers of ski trails here. If you visit this place in fall, you can observe the foliage changing color. The scene is really spectacular.

Belvedere Champlain

It is a lovely landscape stretching about 26 kilometers. You will get a wonderful view of the Gatineau hills. The orange and golden slopes look amazing. These seem to meet the farmlands in the Gatineau river valleys.

Jacques Cartier Park

If you love outdoor activities then you should visit this park. Lots of events and festivals occur here throughout the year. Winterlude takes place when the park is covered with snow.

Moulin de Wakefield

It was built in 1838. It has recently been restored and now it’s known as Wakefield Mill Inn and Spa. You can find steam train here. There is a Wakefield Covered Bridge for the pedestrians only.

There are lots of things to see and do in Gatineau. You can have a great time here with your family. If you enjoy the snow, then you will find this place fascinating.