It’s always good to know about a place when before you visit. There are lots of travel books where you will know the travel stories of people and get guidance for your next trip. Here are some books recommended for you.

World Walk

By – Steven Newman

The writer is a newspaper writer who went on a 4-year long journey around the world only at the age of 28. The most interesting fact is that he traveled to these places on foot. He literally walked across 22 countries. In this book, the author shares his experience with the people he met, the wild adventures he had, etc. If you love adventures then you must read this book.

The Alchemist

By – Paulo Coelho

It is the story of a shepherd boy Santiago who travels in the hope of finding treasure. This book teaches you how to chase your dreams. You will learn important life lessons from this book.

Dark Star Safari

By – Paul Theroux

The author is a great travelogue writer. This book tells about the author’s voyage throughout Africa. If you are planning to travel to Africa, you must read this book.


By – Rolf Potts

If you are bored with your regular life, then this book can change your life. It will get you to your feet and motivate you to travel around the world. Many travelers have been inspired by reading this book. If you don’t have much time or money, then you will know how to travel in such condition by reading this book.

How To Travel The World On $50 A Day

By – Matt Kepnes

This book will tell you how to travel when you have a very tight budget. You will also learn about places and tips on how to travel comfortably. It is one of the best selling books on travel.

You must read these books. These will inspire you to travel around the world and give you lots of useful tips to make your journey a comfortable one.